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Bellsing is the world's leading supplier of high precision electro-acoustic transducers and acoustic solutions.  We are committed to the global medical, consumer, military, and communications industries, providing acoustic components, solutions, and professional services.  We are currently engaged with enterprises in more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

Bellsing focuses on innovating core acoustics technologies.  We have established a global operations and sales center in Shenzhen, China, a research and development center in Chicago, USA, a supply chain and transit center in Hong Kong, China, a production center in Suzhou and Dongguan, China, and Bellsing customer service centers around the world in order to provide quality service to customers and improve our communication with our customers, enabling them to drive new, innovative technologies.

In the future, Bellsing will continue to introduce the most valuable solutions and professional services to customers around the world and work with customers to address the development and challenges of the coming ages.